Italy is renowned for its artisan metalworkers, famed for their attention to detail and perfect finishes. Bertazzoni’s new special metallic finishes take their inspiration from these artisans and apply the techniques and quality, refined over many years, to our machines. These finishes are used to coat the decorative elements of the ovens, using real metal to create a striking and durable surface. Available in a choice of stainless steel, copper, zinc and black, these colours are applied by hand by skilled craftsmen to the decorative elements of these ovens. It creates an opulent, precious finish that brings a subtle and refined finishing touch to any contemporary kitchen.
The process is painstaking and time-consuming, requiring deep expertise and a fine attention to detail.  As every aspect of the process is made by hand in the traditional way, no two ovens are exactly alike. They are as unique and individual as pieces of fine art, displaying the hand and skill of the makers.