Pork Loin with Borettana Onions

The belief that pork is a fatty meat needs to be dispelled. Perhaps not everyone knows that pork loin, just like turkey, is low in both cholesterol and calories. This makes baking them tricky, especially larger pieces, because the meat can dry out during cooking. Thanks to the use of steam and a temperature sensor, you can obtain perfect results without needing to continuously baste the meat while it cooks, also avoiding any health risks. This recipe for roast pork loin with Borettana onions is an exquisite meat dish that is easy to make: perfect for Sunday lunch.



1 kg pork loin

400g Borettana onions, cleaned

3 shallots

thyme q.s.

rosemary q.s.

sage q.s.

evo oil q.s.



black cabbage (a few leaves)


Rub the pork with oil, salt and a generous amount of pepper. Heat a frying pan on an induction cooktop at medium-high heat without adding any oil or butter, then add the loin and shallots cut in half. Add oil to taste on their surface and brown over high heat for about 5 minutes, turning the meat on all sides to sear it well. Transfer the loin to a baking dish, placing it on top of a layer of onions; add the shallots, remaining onions and herbs. Place the temperature sensor in the meat. Bake at 140°C in convection mode with medium steam, until the sensor reads 65°C. Remove from the oven and serve with its sauce and the onions, accompanying it to taste with the lacinato kale after you’ve blanched and sautéed it.