Piedmontese Bonet

Bonet (or Bunet) is a special soft dessert of ancient Piedmont tradition, especially the Langhe area. The origin of the name is uncertain: in Piedmontese dialect the term bonèt indicates a hat with a round shape, which may resemble that of the mould in which the pudding is traditionally cooked. Another interpretation is that the name references a hat because the dish was served at the end, thus the “hat”, of the meal.



250ml milk

2 eggs

75g sugar

20g cocoa powder

25g Amaretti biscuits

25g Amaretti biscuits for garnishing 

1 teaspoon rum


Cook the milk at 65°C and remove from heat as soon as it begins to boil. Stir in the whole eggs and the sugar. Add the cocoa, rum and crumbled biscuits and mix all the ingredients until smooth. Distribute the mixture into previously prepared moulds and bake in the oven with convection mode, medium steam at 140°C for 35 minutes. Serve, garnishing with whole or crumbled Amaretti biscuits and whipped cream to taste.