Gianduja mousse

Gianduja is the Carnival mask representing the city of Turin, but it is also the name of a cocoa and hazelnut mixture, while Gianduiotti are the chocolates made from it. The story is easily summarised: in 1806 Napoleon implemented the continental blockade of raw materials from the British colonies. There was a shortage of cocoa and Turin chocolate makers did their best to overcome the situation. They decided to blend the little cocoa available on the market with the sweet local hazelnuts. It was a huge success, which was replicated during the 1865 Carnival, when in the streets of Turin valets in Gianduja costumes offered the first Gianduiotti made with the famous recipe, to make the world a sweeter place. This is how to make Gianduja mousse!


INGREDIENTS (for 12 small glasses)

150ml/5fl oz milk

120g/4.2oz hazelnut paste

4 ½ egg yolks

85g/2.9oz sugar

390g/13.7oz 75% coverage

530g/18.6oz semi-whipped cream

200g/7oz fresh/frozen raspberries

½ sheet gelatin


Boil the milk and the hazelnut paste on your induction hob. Beat the egg yolks and add the sugar. Then combine with the milk and the hazelnut paste. Pasteurise at a 85°C/185°F temperature. Always on your induction hob, add the chopped dark chocolate bar 75% cocoa and warm it up to about a 30°C/86°F temperature, then incorporate the semi-whipped cream. To prepare the sauce, boil the raspberries with sugar for 2 minutes and whisk it all. Filter through a strainer. If you want, you can add half a sheet of gelatine, previously soaked in cold water and squeezed. This will contribute to make your sauce thicker. Once the sauce is prepared, fill the small glasses, alternating a layer of hazelnut mousse and a layer of raspberry sauce. Freeze for a couple of hours. Garnish the portions with wafers, toasted hazelnuts covered with white caramel, or with chocolate flakes, as you prefer. Let them thaw out before serving.