"‘A chiena"!

August, the heat of the summer sun, and Campania. Certainly one of the most popular regions in Italy for its rich artistic, architectural and historic heritage: Naples, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Capri, the Amalfi Coast, the Campi Flegrei ... just to mention a few of the wonderful sightseeing places in the region. But if you are looking for an original experience, deeply connected to the history of the area, do not miss " ‘A chiena" - literally "the flood" - an event which takes place at weekends in July and August, every summer, in Campagna, a village in the province of Salerno. The whole village is flooded with water from the River Tenza, through an artificial canal. Of unknown origin, this tradition was born of an age-old need to flood the streets to clean them during the dry summer season. Similar techniques were also used in Rome and in Turin centuries ago, to clean the streets and the main squares. For the last thirty years it has become an anticipated event for villagers and tourists alike, who take part in it.

The highlights of the programme are the traditional " water bucket throwing" and the "walking". The former is perfect for those who suffer from the summer heat… It takes place on Sundays afternoon. It is adviseable to attend it in beachwear, holding a bucket. It is fun gathering on the main streets and throwing bucketfuls of water at one another! For those who want to cool down in peace, we recommend the latter: "walking" through the flooded streets on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings. It’s very relaxing, as there is no fear of being hit by a water balloon!

The last summer flood is called "midnight flood". It is held at midnight and is accompanied by large crowds of tourists. Music shows are always held. Tasting the local cuisine is also part of the scheduled programme, as the event combines entertainment with the discovery of local history, culture and food.