A chat with Chef Carcangiu

With long career as a chef and a great expertise in cuisine and nutrition, Chef Carcangiu knows Bertazzoni's products very well, as he often uses them at the Congusto Gourmet Institute, in which he is the Academic coordinator. We interviewed Chef Roberto Carcangiu, who revealed his favourite Bertazzoni colour and some of his secrets in the kitchen...


How did you start collaborating with Bertazzoni?

The collaboration with the company began many years ago, as it needed to collaborate with a professional who had a long experience in kitchen tools. Someone who had knowledge of marketing, research and development, and who was able to interact with Bertazzoni engineers. Together, we developed The Bertazzoni Assistant, a product that helps consumers to keep baking controlled automatically, without the need to check it constantly.


Why are Bertazzoni products so unique?

Mainly because of the care the company puts into details, because of the their design which conveys safety and reliability, and also for their feel between professional and home. In my opinion, Bertazzoni products are a perfect link between amateur and professional cooking.

How much can the food probe be useful? Do you have any tips on how to use it?

In the kitchen, the probe is absolutely necessary because it allows you to have constant, standard, accurate cooking results. Without a specific tool like the probe this perfection is impossible to reach. To use it properly, it must be directed towards the heart of the product, which is the coldest and thickest part. In fact it’s possible to determine if the optimal cooking point has been reached by checking the temperature of this part of the food.

Gas or induction?

As a Chef, I prefer induction plates because they are faster in terms of cooking times and easier to use. In the day-by-day activities, they also maintain the workstations cleaner.


What’s your favourite colour among those offered by Bertazzoni?

I love warm colours, so my favourite one is definitely yellow.