Happy birthday Bertazzoni

Protagonist in cooking appliances for 135 years!

The celebration of the 135th anniversary will continue for the whole year with dedicated activities that will involve the countries where the brand is present.
To mark the anniversary of the company a special commemorative logo has been created along with a celebration cake, Torta Angiolina, dedicated to Angela, wife of Napoleone Bertazzoni. Resolute and forceful, when she got married, in 1908, she did not hesitate to invest her dowry in the construction of the first factory. Soon a widow, with six children, it was she, during the war, who ran the company, despite the danger and the difficulties. To this stubborn but sweet woman we wish to dedicate this cake, as simple and sincere as she was.
On our facebook page we will travel through the history of the company, revealing details and curiosity about these 135 years of activity.