Bertazzoni Spa promotes Luigi Ghirri’s exhibition "I sassi di Pollicino"
On the eightieth anniversary of the birth of Luigi Ghirri, one of the major protagonists of the photographic and visual culture of the late twentieth century, we are proud to promote this exhibition at the Ducal Palace of Guastalla. From June 3rd to December 31st, 2023, Palazzo Ducale di Guastalla, via Gonzaga, 16

The exhibition "I sassi di Pollicino" brings together 80 beautiful shots of the Po Valley landscape, where soft colors, infinite horizons, sharp contours and attention to life flowing in its apparent simplicity are the unmistakable mark of the style of Luigi Ghirri, intimate and minimalist. And now that photography is becoming more and more a reason for travel, thanks to the many festivals and photographic reviews that follow each other in Emilia-Romagna, fans of this art form, tourists or just curious have an extra pretext to come to Guastalla and in the Lower Reggio and discover, through the eye of Ghirri, our land. There are many stories that the artist can still tell, thirty years after his death. It speaks of us, describes our identity, invites us to look up, to start looking again, to look at each other, to meet each other. The photograph of this "little boy sitting on a low wall that captures the life that passes in front of him" - as he loved to call himself - becomes a space for knowledge and enhancement of the territory.