Bertazzoni partners with Bonacina in the new kitchen conceived with the designer Ronen Joseph
An innovative and ambitious project, which takes the processing of the plot towards new frontiers of design.
The new Bonacina kitchen with Bertazzoni appliances was created in collaboration with designer Ronen Joseph and is inspired by the sinuous lines of naval design, revealing the versatility and strength of the materials.
A refined penthouse in New York

Modern Series appliances are the perfect complement to this kitchen, designed to achieve the perfect balance between form and function. Bonacina's main innovation in this new project was to create an extremely complex system of components, topped with a material that is not usually seen in the kitchen world. The fully equipped kitchen island, which stands out for its sinuous contours, can be accompanied by the installation of elegant wall cabinets.

A vibrant London townhouse

This kitchen brings bohemian charm right in the beating heart of this house, where black-to-wall elements effortlessly blends into this bright space.

Our Master Series built-in ovens bring a fresh, contemporary elegance, offering a rich and sophisticated style that is both current and timeless. The clean lines of the machines are maintained through touch controls on the most advanced models, revealing an unparalleled vision for seamless integration.